Weekly Events

Contact us if you're around this summer to connect with our community & stay strong spiritually!

Summer 2016:

Expected for Fall of 2016:

Amidst all that occupies our lives and minds, we are called first and foremost to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus. That is what CCM is all about! It is our goal to help you foster that relationship. To help you encounter the person of Christ. That is our mission.

There are many opportunities for available to you to foster your spiritual growth. Look around this page for some great ideas and events to get involved with. God is working in profound ways on this campus and invites you into his beautiful work.



Small Groups

Through discussion of Sacred Scripture, teachings of the Church and meeting in a relaxed setting on campus, we strive to help you build real friendships with other Christians, know and understand what God is offering you through Jesus Christ and the Church, and live a life that’s truly free in Him.


For more information, check out what's available this semester.

Sunday Mass: 4pm Heth 014

Every week we have Mass on campus at a time convenient for students. The Mass allows us to incorporate God's vision for our lives and to become united with him in Holy Communion.


Thursday Mass and Dinner

Each Thursday night, CCM holds a Mass at the House Chapel at 5:30 PM. Our energetic Pastor Father Jarek and Jesus would love to see you there. 

After Mass, we gather for a delicious home-cooked meal and Christian fellowship.

Contact Paige to help cook our meals!

"Meat Tuesdays" - Men Only

5pm, at CCM. 

Eat meat, have some friendly competition, encourage one another on the journey of life.

"Women Wednesdays"

8pm, at CCM. 

Join other ladies in praying, laughing, and discussing what it means to be a Woman of God. If you want to encounter Christ in a new way this group is for you! Please feel free to invite your friends.


Would you like to find out about becoming Catholic? Do you have questions about what it means to be Catholic? Or maybe you just want to know more about what the Church teaches. For more information, please email Tony Laux.